Applications for businesses:
Businesses are very dependent in voice applications. We can provide your business with the voice applications you need to stay in touch with your clients. From small to large businesses we can provide services for call caonferences, voicemail, IVR, Telephone Email, Fax on Demand, VoIP to interconnect remote offices, and a complete outsourced PBX system with our IP PBX solutions that will let you be in business in no time without spending thousands of dollars in telephone equipment that can get outdated very fast.


Applications for call centers:
A call center life revolves around voice applications. We can provide call centers with state of the art solutions for their every day tasks. Solutions for sales such as thrid party verifications, outgoing dialers, automated marketing, as well as incoming call distribution and queing, on hold announcements and even your whole telephone infraestructure with VoIP routing to reduce cost.


Applications for personal use:
Services such as telephone email that allows an individual to access their email using a telephone, automated calls that can work as wake up or reminder call for any event, personal recordings that can work as a notepad, voicemail, voice recognition personal phone directory, are sample applications that are very appealing for personal use and AsterVoice can custom design them for your company to market.


AsterVoice can custom design voice applications to meet your needs. Just contact us with your requirements and we will make voice work for you.

Voice Solutions:

  • IVR
  • Voicemail
  • Call Conferences
  • Third Party Verifications
  • Outgoing Dialers
  • Automated Marketing
  • Televoting
  • Telephone Email
  • Virtual IP PBX
  • Text to Speech
  • Voice Recognition
  • Fax on Demand
  • Cerdit Card Verifications
  • Call Center Queues
  • Call Distribution
  • Computer Telephony
  • Open Source Asterisk PBX
  • High availability systems

    And much more...